As a non-profit organization of Vajrayana Buddhism Palyul Changchub Dargyeling relies on your financial support to bring the Palyul Nyingma tradition to our nation's capitol. With your help, we can invite our precious lamas for teaching & practice events and provide activities such as meditation and study groups, sacred ceremonies and tsog feasts. Additionally, your generosity supports our growing activities, projects and resources that benefit the Dharma community, such as our library of books, literature, and teaching recordings, many soon to be available online. 


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Offerings to the Precious Ones

The first perfection is the Dāna paramita which is generosity, the giving of oneself. You generous donations help to empower our goal — which is to offer the community and sangha the opportunity to practice, study, and discover the living Dharma within ourselves. You provide the foundation by which we can support each other in our practice and in our lives.

We thank you for your offering to benefit PCD-DC and all sentient beings. May this act of generosity create merit to advance your spiritual practice.

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